My Favorite iPhone Games

While attending the iOSDevConference 2010 I was introduced to an incredible game for the iPad.  It makes unique and innovative use of the iPad platform to enhance and make game play on the iPad so much more enjoyable.  Let me introduce you to Pinball HD.
First this is a great implementation of the classic Pinball game.  It includes three different games standard.   A marine themed one,   a Wild West themed one,  and a jungle theme based one.   The jungle based one includes four paddles and and the Deep multiple balls (I have only seen two) at some point.    Each one has a very detailed 3D world and appropriate music and sound affects.
The paddles respond just as you would expect with no noticeable lag.  The ball(s) also appear to follow the laws of gravity as one would expect.  It is very engaging and tough to put down once you start playing it.
The most innovative feature is when you allow your iPad to respond to changing the orientation.   In Portrait mode your view is zoomed in on the ball and it follows the ball as it moves around the game background just as if you were in an aircraft over the field of play.  If you prefer you can lock the orientation down to landscape mode and the view is fixed of the entire screen.
You can also share your scores with the rest of the world or if you prefer keep them private.   Another really innovative feature is the lack of crashes.  Five people have played the game for multiple hours at a time in my house hold without one crash occurring.  Compared to other programs and games this is quite an amazing achievement and speaks loudly to the quality of the programmers involved with this program.
This game is a product of a Ukrainian Company called and I was able to speak with a few of their programmers at the iOS 2010DevConference and they are indeed a very impressive bunch.
A rather amusing characteristic is the voices that are used.  If you listen carefully they seem to have a very definite Russian (Ukrainian ?) accent.  I think this just adds to the ambiance of the game myself.
The only derogatory thing that I can say is the lack of controlling the ball with the accelerometer and the attendant lack of TILT!!!!  But this is a very minor nit and so I give this game 5 loopyfroggers and well worth the $2.99  
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